The Popularity of Kitchen Islands

The popularity of kitchen islands today simply amazes me. I mean without any doubt I find mine to be the focus of every family gathering. Did you ever notice that everyone seems to migrate to the kitchen? Everyone seems to do much more at the Kitchen Island then just cooking. I always tell them, if you love being at the island so much how come you don’t start cooking for your mother. Of course we all know that never happens!

I came to realize the increased popularity of the islands when I was thinking about replacing mine and redoing my kitchen. Like we all do today, instead of traipsing around from store to store I decided to look at newer designs and searched it on Google. I could not believe the amount of results… over 30,000,000, that’s right over 30,000,000 results just for kitchen islands and that’s without all the ads.

After looking through some of the islands available not only was I impressed with the latest designs, some of which were absolutely breathtaking, now I am totally confused. You simply wouldn’t believe the vast amount of designs there are right now. And when I say vast, I truly mean massive. Everything from butcher block, which by the way is gorgeous and I am leaning toward, you cannot believe the diverse types that are available. There is also concrete, marble, stainless steel, which is not my thing, and then there’s the teak, if you can afford it.

Well we finally made the decision and I am really excited, but before I forget I want to share some videos I found on which were immensely helpful. Since we were pretty much focused on butcher block or a wood countertop we found these;, and they were very useful.

Well here it is, our final choice for our kitchen island and as you can see it has plenty of room for gathering.









Kitchen Islands, they attract your family and friends.

kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are typically located at the focal point of the kitchen, hence they are at the center of your family’s everyday life. Kitchen islands were originally designed for the sole purpose of increasing cooking space and storage. Though, today kitchen islands have become much more. It’s a place where the children do their homework, your friends and guests enjoy your cooking while having countless memorable conversations.